Sunday, 25 March 2018
Parish Events

St John Vianney Feast Day

We had had the largest crowd turned up this year to celebrate our Feast Day. Also we were blessed to celebrate our very own Fr. Francis' 10th Anniversay as a Priest on this Day. Thank you to all who took part in this event. Was a great success.

Parish Retreat Day

On Sunday 21 August, we were blessed to have Fr. Joe MacKay (OFM) from the Franciscans in Hillsborough led us in our retreat.  He spoke to us about the mercy of God and what it really means to a believer. Some great discussions and sharing, a time for Confessions and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  The day was enjoyed by all who turned up for this even though we could have had more people to attend. 

Thank you to all who attended and thank you to Fr Joe and Fr. Francis.


Blessing of our New Parish Centre -

9 November 2014

We were blessed to have our very own Bishop Pat Dunn celebrated Mass and blessed our new Parish Centre for us. It was a happy occassion enjoyed by all. The weather was perfect, food was fabulous and the atmosphere and the spirit was happy. It was very timely as it was the Sunday of the Dedication of the Latern Basilica which befitted our day as we dedicated our newly built Parish Centre on this special Sunday.

We remember and with gratitude wish to thank all the piorneers of St John Vianney (some had been called home and some are with us) who had had worked so tirelessly before our time to build and established StJV to where we are now.

May we take on the baton and continue the great work you had had started!

Beautifully set up by the team at SJV






Monte Cecilia School Relocation Updates

August 2014 Update

On Monday 28-7-14 at St John Vianneys Church, we are starting to dig  with rubber track machine the 600mm wide services trench for the HV power ducts, phone and data ducts and water line from Hillsborough Rd down to the proposed transformer location. See attached drawing and photo.

The best route is just beside the driveway footpath, as the proposed route (next to fence line) has the existing power, water and phone lines already there. And this way we should be able to avoid the existing trees as much as possible.

From the bottom of the drive way we than trench in a straight line to the transformer location through the driveway (see drawing) .

We will lay the 2 x 150 power ducts a 1m BFGL, back fill with fine scoria then the 32mm water pipe at 800mm BFGL, back fill, and then the 4 x 50mm phone ducts at 600mm BFGL.

Service Trench Methodology 


  • Saw cut driveway tar-seal along trench line – main trench and minor power line trench to church
  • Monday Have machines move to position and mark out trench.
  • Have H+S meeting with work team and go over task analysis and methodology.
  • Erect safety fencing around trench – down drive way and returned to neighbours fence
  • Begin trenching from bottom of drive way back up to road
  • Protect trench over night


  • Fence off access to drive way and direct traffic down Whitmore Rd access from 7am
  • Begin trenching across church drive way – weather forecast is good at moment
  • Lay all levels of pipes and back fill as far as possible
  • Protect trench over night


Continue trench across drive way and lay pipes and back fill

  • By end of day provide car access over trench for church users on Wednesday night.
  • Protect trench over night


  • Continue trench down tarseal drive way to transformer location.
  • Lay pipes and back fill
  • Protect trench over night


  • Continue trench down tarseal drive way to transformer location and back up to road side.
  • Lay pipes and back fill
  • Protect trench over night and make safe for weekend

May need to deny access to ring road around new building for this weekend if trench is causing H+S concern on lower drive way.

Continue on Saturday and Monday if required.


March 2014 Update

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1st December 2013

Project Control Group Update—Latest Developments: On behalf of our Parish Project Control Group representatives, I am delighted to announce that the construction of our new Parish Centre will finally commence in early January next year 2014. Its completion is scheduled for early September, 2014. In order to minimise disruption on our site leading up to Easter, it has been agreed with our Project manager that our existing Foyer is not to be demolished until after Easter. As we begin this exciting new chapter in our Parish’s history, let us pray for the success of this major project. Many thanks as always for your support, Fr. James.

22 December 2013

Project Control Group Update: I am delighted to inform you that, after a long period of extensive discussions with Diocesan officials, our Parish has just received from the Diocese a Goodwill payment of $200,000.00. The Diocese has contributed the money in order to acknowledge our willingness to accommodate Monte Cecilia School on our Parish site. In addition, a final declaration will be signed by both the   Parish and the Diocese to enable construction work to finally proceed. The first phase of construction, of our new Parish Centre, is set to begin on 20th  January 2014. On behalf of our Parish Family, I wish to express my sincerest, heart-felt thanks to all past and present Parish Representatives on our Project Control Group, as well as to the members of our Parish Finance Committee and Parish Pastoral Council; who all worked so hard to ensure that our Parish’s vital interests were always protected during the   process of negotiations. Thanking you all for your prayers, support and patience at this historic time in the life of our Parish,      Fr. James



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